‘Allegiant’: See Tris in the New Poster!

MTV Canada dropped an exclusive new poster for the upcoming movie Allegiant.  The third installment of the series, which hits theaters March 18, brings Tris and Four into unchartered territory beyond the wall.  In the new poster, we see a handful of the main characters “Escaping the World They Know”


credit: news.mtv.ca

In Divergent, we first met our main characters when Tris (Shailene Woodley) chose to leave her Abnegation faction and join Dauntless.  When making her decision, she left the world she knew of selflessness to a world of excitement.  There she met the likes of Four (Theo James), who she later finds out is also a transfer from Abnegation.  Through trials and tribulations, she makes it through the training and she becomes Dauntless, only to find out the world she thought she knew was not as it seemed.

Bring us to Insurgent, where we have our faves fighting the powers that be.  The people they should have been able to trust were the people they needed to be fighting against.  They try to discover why Tris’ family sacrificed themselves all while trying to stay alive and uncover secrets of the past.

Now on to Allegiant.  They leave behind everything to see what is beyond the wall that nobody has crossed in years.  So what will happen to Tris and Four?  Decisions will have to be made in situations they never thought they would find themselves in.  As you can see from the poster, it’s not just Tris and Four leading the way.  Some of our other favorites are back to help fight the unknown.