Behold the #365DaysOfTheo Challenge for August 2014

It’s that time again for another month of Theo goodness with the #365DaysOfTheo Challenge. We had a lot of fun with it on its opening month and we are ready to tackle the nice long month of August. Are you ready?

To participate, here are the rules:

1) Every month, we will do a blog post with an image like the one above, except it will have specific Theo-themed assignments on it for every day of the month.

2) Post your pics, gifs, or videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on this site as a comment on the blog post for the month. When posting to IG, Twitter, or FB, use the the hashtag #365DaysOfTheo so everyone can search for your pictures and enjoy.

3) Check the hashtag to see all #365DaysOfTheo submissions.