Concept Art & Updates On London Fields Starring Theo James

We’ve been anxiously awaiting any information on the movie “London Fields” since filming ended over a year ago. Theo James stars in the adaptation of Martin Amis’ novel alongside Amber Heard, Jim Sturgess and Billy Bob Thornton. Unfortunately there isn’t any new information about a release date at this time. However, there is some really cool concept art that gives you a feel for the look of the movie.

Credit to and London Fields Movie Facebook

A new set was built at London’s Three Mills Studio for the production. It is a one-dimensional brick front that looks just like the concept art on which it was based.

In a recent interview, Jason Isaacs talks about director Mathew Cullen’s vision of the world of “London Fields.” Issacs says, “[Mathew] did something extraordinary. It’s a book set in the 80s or 90s in Notting Hill [London], and he came in and went, ‘Yeah let’s set it in 2020.’ And so I arrived on set not knowing this, going, ‘I’m sorry, I’m on the wrong set, I was looking for London Fields?’ So they went, ‘Yeah, this is it’. I was like, ‘It’s like the STAR WARS bar,'” Isaacs has a small role in the film and Amber Heard’s new husband Johnny Depp makes a cameo appearance.


The latest news on “London Fields” comes from musician Steve Hershey who built an instrument which will be used for the soundtrack. We’re hopeful that this is a sign that the movie is almost complete and we’ll be getting more information very soon!