Could Theo James be the next Red Power Ranger?

It is rumored that the reboot of the 90’s film would be released on July 22, 2016 as reported by E Online.

Rebooting the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie is highly-anticipated but no cast confirmations are out yet. Speculations, however, are flying all around, including rumors of the stars who could play the villain roles. This is where Theo’s name has come into play as well as many other famous franchise friendly ones.

Rumors as to who should play the Red Ranger role include actors Hemsworth, Taylor Lautner and Theo James. According to MTV, Hemsworth is the best man for the role. Now you know I am partial to Theo and would love to see him in anything and everything, but even I can’t see him suiting up for this role.

Other names that are being tossed about via MTV for the ultimate Power Rangers cast wish-list:

Red Ranger (Jason) – Liam Hemsworth

Green/White Ranger (Tommy) – Michael B. Jordan

Pink Ranger (Kimberly) – Chloe Grace Moretz

Blue Ranger (Billy) – Jack Gleeson

Yellow Ranger (Trini) – Jamie Chung

Black Ranger (Zach) – Roshon Fegan

Additional characters:

Zordon – Jason David Frank (He played as ‘Tommy” in the original MMPR’s movie)

Rita Repulsa – Meryl Streep

Bulk and Skull – Key and Peele (Stars of an original sketch-comedy show on Comedy Central)


I am hoping these are more just rumors than anything. Can you see Theo as the Red Ranger? We want you to hear your opinion below.

Featured Image Credit: Najwan Noor