New ‘Divergent Series’ Casting Call Seeks Fearless Warrior And Preppy Adults in Atlanta

There are new casting calls for the Divergent Series that has just been released which calls for the following:


Are you an intimidating, grungy, tough, rebellious, scary fearless-looking and/or edgy type? You don’t need to fit ALL of those qualifications, but one or two would be wondrous! Colored hair, shaggy faces, or ratty hair, scars, visible muscles (fit athletes, body-builder types)…or are you just naturally scary? – all are great looks for this scene!
All ethnicities ages 18-40 and genders should apply!
Must be available ALL DAYS between December 13-20th AND

must be available for a fitting on ONE of the following days:
Friday 12/4, Saturday 12/5, Monday 12/6, and Tuesday 12/7
To submit, please send us your name, email, age, height, weight, contact phone number and three current photos of yourself to Subject: WARRIOR!

Films in ATLANTA


Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, and Caucasians.

Seeking thin, sleek and polished individuals.

Males = Clean shaven, short hair. Females = Hair Color Must be a Natural Shade. Ages 18 to 40’s!

Fitting REQUIRED: Tomorrow AM or Saturday 12/6

Booking: 12/16 or 12/17, please note which day you are available.

To apply, please email 3 pictures, your age, height, weight and phone number to Please use the subject: CANDID

(Note Fitting & Booking Availability, please!)


It is unclear if it’s a re-shoot for Divergent Series: Allegiant or they are starting to film Divergent Series: Ascendant. Multiple site are reporting both.

If you, or someone you know fits the characteristics above, you live in the Atlanta area and is available for fitting and booking dates, now’s your chance to be an extra in a Divergent Series movie!