EXCLUSIVE: Meet the two youngest rising stars from Insurgent, Callie Brook McClincy and Emjay Anthony

Check out this exclusive photo of actors Callie Brook McClincy and Emjay Anthony from the Insurgent set back in June. They are the two child actors on Insurgent and they are super adorable! This picture was sent to us by Callie herself who happens to be a very smart and mature young lady.

Callie Brook McClincy and Emjay Anthony

Here’s a little background on the characters that they play:

Callie: Plays an unnamed character from the book. After the Dauntless attack on Candor Headquarters, Tris and Uriah go around looking for anyone that may have been unaffected (not fallen asleep) by the serum. Tris inadvertently steps on a little girl’s pinkie and she moves a little, alerting Tris that she is actually awake. Tris then reassures her that she’s one of the good guys and saves her from harm by giving her a way out of the danger (Source: Page 184 of the Insurgent Hardcover).

Emjay: Plays Hector (Shauna and Lynn’s little brother). He is first seen in the Candor headquarters when Lynn makes him move his bed so Tris has a place.  He is later one of the people affected by the simulation that takes Marlene’s life. Tris decides to save him instead of Marlene. (Source: divergent.wikia.com)

You may have seen Callie and Emjay’s work before. Callie played Rebekah on “The Originals” and Emjay played Jon Favreau’s son Percy in “Chef”. You can check out Callie (@CallieMcClincy) and Emjay (@EmjayAnthony) on twitter for their updates.

BONUS: In case you missed it, Callie also posted a picture of herself with Veronica Roth on the set. If I may say so myself, Veronica is rocking the blonde hair!