From Blackhawks to Bulls to Rolling Stones: Theo James, Christian Madsen & Divergent Cast Spent Quality Time in Chicago

The cast of Divergent sure seemed to make the most of their time filming in the Windy City! In a recent interview, Christian Madsen, who plays Dauntless initiate Al, said, “Theo and I would go to Blackhawks hockey games, and those games were incredible. Me and Miles saw Bog Seger which was incredible, we saw the Rolling Stones, stuff like that that you don’t even really put on your bucket list because it’s out of control. A lot of stuff that I’ll never forget.” Pictures surfaced during filming of Theo, Christian and other cast members taking in those Blackhawks games, Bulls games and even checking out the Rolling Stones when they were in town. There was even a chance encounter with Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel!

The group got together for training before the actual filming started and Madsen had this to say about what he liked the best, “It was a great bonding experience and I think the knife throwing was the coolest because we threw real ones.”

Divergent is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today!