Golden Boy Now Available For Pre Order!

One week from today looks to be a special day for Theo James fans!  The cop drama “Golden Boy” staring our favorite British heartthrob goes on sale August 5th.  Described as a gritty drama about a young cops’ rise to become New York City’s Police Commissioner, the series was cancelled after just one season.  Theo is joined in the series by veteran actor Chi McBride (Boston Public) and the very sexy, Kevin Alejandro (True Blood.)   Warner Brothers now has the series available for pre order for $29.95 on their website:

And don’t forget that Divergent becomes available on the same day on DVD & Blu-ray!  There are several versions of Divergent available so check out our chart to help you decide.

Pick the best version of Divergent for you!

August 5th is Double Theo Tuesday!  And let’s face it, too much Theo is never enough!