Guide to Getting the Theo James Preppy GQ Look


Good news! You (or your significant other) can now emulate the Theo James preppy look as featured in the March 2013 issue of GQ, all without breaking the bank. See the below image and links for your guide to get this look.


1. Gents Long Sleeve V Neck @ InforMANt ($47 USD)
2. Fyasko Ransberg Woven SHirt @ InforMANt ($61 USD)
3. Fyasko Bugger Beanie @ InforMANt ($29 USD)
4. Sailormade Catch Single Bracelet @ InforMANt ($90 USD)
5. TOKYObay Jazz Wristwatch @ InforMANt ($163 USD)
6. Artfully Disheveled Outlaw Pocket Square @ InforMANt ($25 USD)
7. The People’s Movement Marcos Drizzle Track Shoe @ InforMANt ($85 USD)
8. Lumina Clothing Co Taper Trenton Jean @ Lumina ($118 USD)