Hozier: Theo James’ Current Musical Obsession


I believe it’s been twice now I have heard Theo reference the Irish musician Hozier and how much he likes his music. In the video above, he mentions him at the 0:11 mark. This got me really curious and I decided to look him up and listen to it for myself. I YouTube’d him and was very pleasantly surprised. Hozier is definitely everything Theo said and more. I just love bluesy folk music, and Hozier’s voice reminds me a lot of Theo himself when he was in the band Shere Khan.

I highly suggest you check Hozier out. You can listen to his songs on his YouTube channel and can learn more about him by visiting his official website, Hozier.com. Now you can get ready to face the day while listening to a great artist, the same way Theo does!

Video Source: Divergent Fans