HQ SCANS: Insurgent “Shooting the First Big Battle” Entertainment Weekly Article

Entertainment Weekly’s March 20th issue includes an article featuring new stills and concept art on how the first big battle of the movie, which takes place in Amity, was visualized and then shot in that sequence.

Some notable quotes from producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher from the short article:

Douglas Wick: “Shailene is the kind of actor who, anything you ask of her, she’ll make real. She’s fearless”

Lucy Fisher: “Both James and Woodley prefered to do asmuch of their own stunt work as possible, including jumps and wirework. Woodley was into it all, but at the start of production in May of last year the new stunt coordinator, who hadn’t worked on the first film, had his doubts. When he first met her he said, ‘Oh, she’s so slim. I don’t know if she’ll be able to do such intense fighting.’ We said, ‘Oh, you so don’t know Shai.'”