Insurgent Producer Confirms May 18 Start Date for Allegiant Filming & Discusses Ending

Collider sat down yesterday with Insurgent Producer Todd Lieberman, to talk about the film among other things. During this interview, Lieberman revealed that The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part One will start filming on May 18th. He also teased a visually mind-blowing film set in a “whole different world”.

I don’t want to promise too much, but I can say that the things that we’ve talked about have been very, very cool. There’s going to be some really mind-blowing visuals. Those who have read the book know where it goes. It goes into a whole different world, and we’re really excited to explore that.

Another subject that was discussed during the interview was the controversial ending to the book and whether or not this will be kept the same in the movie. To that Lieberman responded: 

We’re taking Allegiant and splitting it into two, so the first part of it won’t go that far. But yeah, the book had that ending, and there was certainly controversy over it. Personally, I feel that it’s an important arc for that character. But we haven’t actually discussed too much of that yet…they’re beloved characters. I can see how that would cause a controversy. Sometimes you have to make bold choices, creatively. I’m always in favor of that.

So sounds like Allegiant filming is just around the corner. How do you feel about the ending…should it stay true to the book or do you welcome a change?