Insurgent Producers Say ‘Four’ Novella Not Likely To Be Made Into a Movie

In a new interview with Insurgent Producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher, which first appeared on the March 20th issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, and later posted by Hypable, the possibility of making a movie out of the Veronica Roth prequel books to Divergent titled “Four: A Divergent Collection” came up.

This possibility had been discussed before, but this time Wick and Fisher tackled this head on and went on record to say that…

No, but we’ve considered expanding in other directions. Four takes place when [Four, a main protagonist in the book trilogy] is in high school. It would pain us too much to have Four be anybody but Theo [James, who plays him onscreen]. She wrote a lot of material that she didn’t use, too. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we’ll mine her brain. But we keep Four as Theo James.

So, there you have it. I personally agree in that it would be hard for me to see anyone else but Theo James as Four, but I may be biased. Let us know your opinion in the comments.

To read the full Hollywood Reporter interview CLICK HERE .