Insurgent Teaser Trailer on November 12th; Sign Up To Be The First To Know

Mark your calendars for November 12th, Initiates! That’s the day the very first “Teaser Trailer” for “Insurgent” will make it’s debut at 11AM EST. Earlier today, Lionsgate used their official “Divergent” social media sites to hint at something big coming in two days, and they weren’t kidding around. For those who have officially joined the Divergent Fandom, e-mails were sent out letting us know that the trailer is coming and giving the link to YouTube. We know that you’re all as excited as we are for the first glimpse of footage from the highly anticipated sequel to “Divergent.” (Not to mention a glimpse of Theo James as Four!)

Today’s e-mail includes the private YouTube link that will debut the “Insurgent” teaser trailer! If you’ve signed up for the Divergent Fandom, you’ll get the exclusive first look!

Tris in Insurgent

If you haven’t registered for the Divergent Fandom, what are you waiting for? Go to this link and be among the first to know all the latest news. Just click on the spinning sphere in the upper, right-hand corner and sign up!

Truth is coming! Don’t miss out!