Insurgent Traveled To Georgia Pasture For Scenes

Don’t be surprised if some Insurgent scenes filmed yesterday in a pasture in rural Georgia look familiar! Apparently, the property in Cowetta is a famous spot previously used in “Decoration Day” in 1990 and the TV movie “Field of Vision” in 2011. The scene for the sequel to Lionsgate’s hit movie, Divergent, involved filming train cars traveling between the factions. The pasture on Roscoe Road was used as landscape for the trains to pass by and there’s no indication that stars Theo James or Shailene Woodley were present. Owner of the property, Meredith Wilson, said the train cars “almost looked like cages,” and were on a trailer.

Insurgent filming is expected to continue through mid-September and release is scheduled for March 20, 2015.


Source: @AtlantaFilming