First Insurgent TV Spot to Air Tonight During ‘Grammys’ and ‘The Walking Dead’

The Official Divergent social media accounts had the fandom in a frenzy yesterday when they announced that tonight, during the ‘Grammys’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, the first Insurgent TV Spot (not trailer) will be aired. 28 Million TV viewers are expected to tune in tonight during the Grammys, but just in case music isn’t your thing, you can watch ‘The Walking Dead’ instead, which is AMC’s top-rated TV show at the moment . Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of the audience that could be tuning in tonight to watch this show, the midseason 5 finale pulled in about 17.3 million viewers, which makes this a really smart marketing decision on Lionsgate’s part in order to get the word out.

Will you be watching either show tonight to get a glimpse of the Insurgent TV Spot?