Insurgent’s Jonny Weston Says Edgar Is a “Real Bad Guy With a Splash of Charm”

Jonny Weston stopped by Popsugar’s studio and talked about his upcoming role as Edgar in Insurgent. He talks about how he originally went to audition for a role with an eye-patch (Edward? is that you?) but then find out he would be cast for a completely different role where he plays a real bad guy. When asked about his experience working on Insurgent, he mentioned how he loved to work with Shailene. Check out the full interview below.

Jonny Weston is about to become a very familiar face to moviegoers everywhere. The actor can currently be seen in Taken 3, stars in this upcoming weekend’s Michael Bay-produced Project Almanac, and will also appear in the Divergent sequel Insurgent when it hits theaters in March. Jonny stopped by our studio recently to talk about how Stephen Hawking influenced the time-travel concepts in Project Almanac, and his character Edgar in Insurgent: a new addition to the film series who never appeared in the books.