Introducing a New F’YEAH THEO JAMES Feature: The ‘365 Days of Theo’ Challenge


Happy Sunday THEO-Logians! We are very excited to introduce today a new feature to our site called ‘365 days of Theo’ challenge. This challenge was inspired by Robsessed‘s ‘365 Days of Rob’ and it’s basically our way to celebrate Theo every day for an entire year, because, who wouldn’t want to look at Theo pics every day?

This challenge will work the following way:

1) Every month, we will do a blog post with an image like the one above, except it will have specific Theo-themed assignments on it for every day of the month.

2) Post your pics, gifs, or videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on this site as a comment on the blog post for the month. When posting to IG, Twitter, or FB, use the the hashtag #365DaysOfTheo so everyone can search for your pictures and enjoy.

3) Check the hashtag to see all #365DaysOfTheo submissions.

This month we are starting a little late, but not to worry. You can join the challenge at any time and you don’t have to post every day. The important thing is to have fun and feast your eyes on all the Theo goodness.

…and without further ado, I give you the #365DaysOfTheo challenge for July, starting tomorrow July 7th…hope you enjoy this new feature!