It’s Here! The Official Insurgent Full Length Trailer!

Christmas has come early for all Initiates far and wide. The official Insurgent FULL LENGTH trailer is finally here and the #DivergentFandom everywhere is rejoicing. Lionsgate has been running a week-long promotion giving us daily stills taken directly from the trailer and on Tuesday we were shown a 15 second sneak peak of the trailer that was coming.

Well we can finally say that the wait has been worth it! We get a look at all of our favorite characters, Candor Headquarters, Amity Farms, Erudite Headquarters, and MORE. Peter, Tris, Jeanine, Caleb are all featured and are bringing it, but we admit that it was Four/Theo James who we couldn’t take our eyes off of. Him saying “Jeanine is never going to stop coming after us. It’s time we fight back!” *swoon*. Not to mention that train tracks jumping scene!

What do you think of the full length trailer? It’s going to be a painful wait ’til March but it wil be so worth it.