Kidzworld Interviews Emjay Anthony from ‘Insurgent’

Insurgent is now available
to take home on Blu-rayand DVD – Kidzworld got a chance to catch up with cast member Emjay Anthony who plays Hector (Shauna and Lynn’s younger brother in the film), and find out all about filming Insurgent!

Kidzworld: How old are you, and where are you from?

  • Emjay: I am twelve years old, and I am originally from Clearwater, Florida.

Kidzworld: How did you get the role in the Divergent series?

  • Emjay: I was sent the audition and I went, and I was so excited because I was a fan of the books, and I ended up booking it!

Kidzworld: So you Were a fan of the Divergent series before landing the role of Hector?

  • Emjay: Oh yes.

Kidzworld: What is your favorite book now?

  • Emjay: I’m not really a huge book fan to be honest, but those books I really love! It’s the only books I ever read.

Kidzworld: Can you tell us a little bit about Hector, what is he like?

  • Emjay: He’s a little bit more brave then me to be honest, and I could never be in Dauntless – thats intense! I mean I would want to, but I dont know if I could handle it, definitely intense. Also his life is just so action-packed. Like people attacking him all time, like brainwashing him and making jump off a cliff, his life is dangerous.

Kidzworld: Which faction do you think you’d be in in real life?

  • Emjay: I think I’d be in Candor.

Kidzworld: There’s so much action in the movie, what was the most fun part to film in Insurgent?

  • Emjay: Probably where I was in a trance and I had to jump off a cliff, that was pretty fun.

Kidzworld: How did they film that?

  • Emjay: They attached me to a wire and I had to lean forward and almost fall off a cliff, it was actually really scary but really cool.

Kidzworld: What is the cast like, are there any practical jokers in the cast?

  • Emjay: Everyone was really funny, it was such great shoot.

Kidzworld: Who was your fave person to work with?

  • Emjay: Maybe Suki Waterhouse, I mean she’s really nice and you know, really hot!

Kidzworld: Insurgent will be on Blu-ray soon, are you excited about the release of the next film, Allegiant?

  • Emjay: Oh yeah, I’m probably going to wait at the midnight release so I can see it.

Kidzworld: If you could be any other character in the Divergent series, who would you be and why?

  • Emjay: That’s a touch question! Maybe Theo, probably Theo, I mean for one he gets to kiss Shailene Woodley, and he has amazing stunts, he got to do so much cool stuff, the train scene…that was awesome!

Emjay is such a cutie! But I would rather be Shailene so I could see for myself how great of a kisser Theo is 😉