Listen to the Insurgent Super Bowl Pre-Game Trailer Music

If you like the Insurgent Super Bowl Pre-Game Show Trailer, then we have a treat for you today. Our friend from @DivergentChina has shared with us her discovery of the music that was used in the trailer. You can listen to it above in the YouTube video.

The song used is “Necessary Violence” by Really Slow Motion, and in fact, this is not the first time a track by Really Slow Motion has been used in an Insurgent trailer. Their song “Mercury Rises” was also used in the first Teaser Trailer we got a couple of months ago. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if some of their music ends up on the movie score. I guess we’ll find out soon enough once the score and soundtrack picks are revealed. In the meantime, we can enjoy this epic trailer music that gets us in a very Dauntless mood.