‘London Fields’ Dropped From TIFF Schedule

A day before London Fields (starring Theo James, Amber Heard and Billy Bob Thornton) was scheduled to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, it was pulled from the lineup.  Originally set to premiere on September 18, according to a festival spokesperson, they pulled it after learning that the director of the film had sued the producers.  Prior to its removal, the film had been acquired by Lionsgate/Grindstone, in a low seven-figure deal.

“We have recently learned of a legal matter that has arisen between the director and the producers of the film ‘London Fields,’” a spokesperson for the festival said in a statement. “We have worked to make our festival a public showcase for creative expression through the moving image, however with uncertainty surrounding the creative vision of the version of the film scheduled to be screened on Sept. 18, we feel it is only appropriate that we remove this film from the festival lineup. We are hopeful that this matter will be resolved positively and that audiences will have the opportunity to see the film.”

There are conflicting comments from the producers however, stating that it was pulled for being too provocative. The producers have reportedly also stated that the lawsuit is a publicity stunt due to the director missing two deadlines, which made it so he could not withdraw his name from the film.

Director Matthew Cullen filed a lawsuit on Tuesday with the Los Angeles Superior Court against producers Chris Hanley and Jorden Gertner, as well as Muse Productions and Nicola Six Ltd.  The lawsuit claims that they engaged in fraudulent efforts,  revising the movie without Cullen’s permission. (Variety)

The festival is hoping that the issue will be taken care of and the movie will be added back to the schedule.  As of now, they have not filled the 3 spots with other screenings.