Naomi Watts Thinks Theo and Shailene are “Lovely People” Who Are “Wildly Talented”

Josh Horowitz from MTV sat down with Naomi Watts who plays Four’s mom “Evelyn” in Divergent and asked her about her experience working on Insurgent with Theo and Shailene.

“They’re such lovely people”

…she says right after Josh says how great he thinks Theo, Shailene and the whole Divergent gang are.

Turns out, Naomi made the decision to join the Divergent franchise and commit to the 3 movies she is contracted to film (Insurgent, Allegiant pt 1, and Allegiant pt 2) because of how highly she thinks of the young talent.

“They are so great. They’re very disciplined, they’re very serious about what they do, very committed, and WILDLY, WIDLY talented”

Watch the interview below: