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Naples International Film Festival Announces ‘The Benefactor’ (Franny) In The Line-up

Naples International Film Festival (NIFF) revealed that The Benefactor (aka Franny) starring Theo James, Dakota Fanning, and Richard Gere will be on this year’s schedule. The Benefactor will be feactured for 2 days!! You can watch it on Friday Nov 6th at 5:15pm and on Saturday Nov 7th at 3:15pm at Silverspot Cinema in Theater 11.



• not rated • USA • Drama

Up until five years ago, Francis “Franny” Watts (Richard Gere) was enjoying a privileged and carefree adult life. But after he’s involved
in a tragic accident that kills his best friends, Bonny and Mia (Clarke Peters, Cheryl Hines), and leaves their young daughter, Olivia (Dakota Fanning), an orphan, Franny crumbles. Unable to escape that tragic day, Franny becomes a hermit with a dangerous morphine habit. Then, Olivia calls, telling Franny that she is newly married and pregnant, and needs his help. With a renewed sense of purpose, Franny emerges from his hibernation to welcome Olivia and her new husband, Luke (Theo James), to town. His generosity soon turns smothering and the couple tries to distance themselves from Franny, just as he’s running out of morphine and down a path of withdrawal and mania.

Silverspot Silverspot Cinema Cinema

Friday • November 6 • 5:15 PM

Saturday • November 7 • 3:15 PM


DIRECTOR: Andrew Renzi

PRODUCERS: Kevin Turen, Jason Michael Berman, Jay Schuminsky, Thomas B. Fore

WRITER: Andrew Renzi

CAST: Richard Gere, Dakota Fanning, Theo James, Clarke Peters, Cheryl Hines

The seventh annual Naples International Film Festival takes place November 5-8, 2015.

Tickets are $14 at schedule.naplesfilmfest.com

Buy your film festival tickets at www.naplesfilmfest.com! (Tickets on sale now)

The Naples International Film Festival (NIFF) is a place for film lovers to connect, exchange ideas and celebrate the art of film in a friendly, welcoming environment.

NIFF presents a carefully curated program of approximately 50 narrative, documentary and short films. The opening night Film & Party takes place at the glamorous Artis—Naples performing arts center, and competition films screen at the Silverspot Cinema, a luxury boutique theater with state-of-the-art digital projection & sound. Our community is passionate about film, and Silverspot’s intimate theaters create a relaxed environment where filmmakers and audiences can truly connect.

Naples is a sophisticated resort community nestled along Florida’s beautiful Paradise Coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond the beach, Naples is known for its love of the arts and a generous philanthropic spirit. People from all over the world choose to spend time in Naples for its special mix of low-key luxury, natural beauty and unique cultural experiences.