Photos: New Insurgent Fan Set Pic Shows Theo James in Action and Amity Clothing


Twitter user @anairdaa_ stealthy snapped some pictures today while at the Insurgent set. In one of these pictures (see above), we can see Theo dressed in Amity clothing clinging from the open door of a trailer.

I thought it looked like Theo and when asked, @anairdaa_ confirmed that Theo and Shailene were both there and that this is in fact Theo pictured here. It’s not the best quality since it’s taken from so far away, but I can sure use my imagination and come to the conclusion that this is probably the scene that takes place after the Dauntless traitors raid the Amity compound and Tris, Four, Marcus, Peter, and Susan (in the book) are forced to escape. If the script follows the book exactly, this would be where they meet up with the Factionless, one of them being Edward. It sure sounds like they’re filming in chronological order just like they did for Divergent.

Our photog also snapped more set pictures in which you can see Dauntless soldiers and the sign that points to the set.