HQ Scans: SciFiNow ‘Insurgent’ Feature & Interview with Theo James, Douglas Wick & Lucy Fisher

Another day, another “Insurgent” magazine cover! While it’s true our heroes Tris and Four don’t grace the entire cover of SciFiNow’s current issue, there is a nice feature inside and interviews with producers Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher and actor Theo James.

Producers Wick and Fisher both agree that the great thing about Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris Prior, is that she’s real. Fisher says, “(Shailene)’s so real. She doesn’t have a dishonest bone in her body, personally or as an actress.” and goes on to say, “People really relate to her.” Wick echoes the praise and believes fans can relate to Tris and Shai’s performance of her because it’s authentic, “I think they feel her integrity.”

Theo James who stars as Four (aka Tobias Eaton) says that “Insurgent” is “about fighting for your own liberty.” He thinks the sequel to “Divergent” also raises questions regarding who the good guys really are when both sides have done violent things. The British actor says the pressure is still on even with the success of the first installment, “When you’re doing a second movie you want to make sure that it’s equally good or better.” And Theo believes the fans will not be disappointed! “(Insurgent) is a very different film in good ways. It is way more adult in everything, from the material to the actual (fight) sequences.” Theo says it’s his character’s mysterious nature that drew him to Four, “I like the idea of this person who’s got lots of secrets, but you can’t really tell what he’s thinking a lot of the time.” And success hasn’t diluted Theo’s raunchy sense of humor as he jokes that his chemistry with Shailene Woodley stems from “a long episode of tantric lovemaking,” but goes on to explain that their different personalities add “a bit more spark.”

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Special thanks to @DivergentLife for the heads up!