Sundance 2015 Predictions: Is Theo James’ Indie Film ‘Franny’ The Next ‘Whiplash’?

Earlier we had reported that Theo James’ indie film ‘Franny’ was about to get some recognition as it was listed among the Sundance 2015 predictions for the U.S. Dramatic Competition or Premieres category. This news made us really excited as this meant that the much awaited indie film (at least for us Theo fans) would finally see the light of day and most likely premiering at the highly regarded Sundance Film Festival.

Today, once again, Ion Cinema is giving ‘Franny’ props by including it among its predictions of “Sure Shot” films to compete in the U.S Dramatic Competition section which “produces the finest American indie specimens such as Frozen River, Winter’s Bone, Blue Valentine, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Fruitvale Station and Whiplash”. Again, these are just predictions, but it gets ‘Franny’ one step closer to a premiere and worldwide recognition.

“Franny” is the story of a larger-than-life, but damaged man (Richard Gere) who latches onto the daughter (Dakota Fanning) and new husband (Theo James) of deceased friends in an attempt to recreate his past. It was filmed last fall in Philadelphia.