The Comic-Con Adventure Begins

I have been wanting to go to San Diego Comic Con for years, and finally I was able to score the sought after golden ticket. Months of planning, reading and asking every question there was to be asked and the time had finally come, it is preview night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean you see footage and hear all about it, but until you are in the thick of things, there is just no describing the rush, chaos and pandemonium that is Preview night at SDCC. Our first place we needed to go was to the Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment booth. I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw the sign for Insurgent. No panel for the movie this year, but we will be able to meet Theo James and Shailene Woodley. Can you say ultimate fangirl moment?


Insurgent not your thing? That’s ok, there is plenty to see at Comic Con. My assistant made a new {clears my throat} friend and he doesn’t seem to mind that I am still squealing and reeling over the Lionsgate booth.












Creepy scary guys from Game of Thrones more your thing? Well then we have got you covered!  


There is something for everyone at Comic Con. Just be prepared to be overwhelmed and patient. If you aren’t patient then this isn’t for you. Preview night is just that. A preview of all the goodies and awesomeness that is to come. And oh my word is there a lot to come. WB panels, signings from some of your fave shows, ( The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural) just to name a few. We will be doing our best to bring you all the news and fun pics we can, this weekend!