Theo James’ Doll: Hot Action Figure or Ken With A Tattoo?

“Who’s that guy? That’s Ken. He’s a lot more ripped than me, I think.” That’s what Theo James said when handed his doll at the Divergent premiere in Los Angeles. We think they’re both pretty ripped, but what do fans think of the mini-Theo? Upon close review (wink wink), we’ve found some differences between the hunky British actor and his Four doll.

First off, let’s review those abs. Sadly, Theo only gives us a view of his shirtless back in Divergent, but we got to check out the six-pack on his short-lived CBS cop drama, Golden Boy. We think the doll is pretty close here and that Theo must be doing a lot of crunches!

Second, he doll needs a tan! Theo is a quarter Greek and it shows in his skin tone, but the doll is a bit pale. The iconic tattoo looks pretty good on the Four doll, although we must admit, it’s not as sexy as the real thing. But then, what is?

The eyebrows, hair and lips aren’t a bad representation of Theo’s lovely features, but the doll really doesn’t look like him for some reason. Maybe it’s the lack of that strong jawline or the shape of the head but there’s just not much resemblance there.

And finally, the first question Mr. James himself asked about the doll, “Does he have a p****?” (Is he, um, anatomically correct?) We’ll let you find that one out for yourselves, Initiates!

Do you own the Four doll? How do you think he stacks up to the real Theo James?