Theo James: High Praise From Director and Great Reviews Before We Knew Him

We know him as Theo James, Four from Divergent or maybe Walter Clark from the short-lived TV series Golden Boy, but back in 2007 he was University of Nottingham student Theo Taptiklis, and he was already making his mark. In March of that year, Theo stared as Peter in director Charlie Brafman’s production of Edward Albee’s “The Zoo Story.” Brafman had this to say about choosing Theo for the important role, “(Theo) who was the only actor my age who I knew that could bring a suitable gravitas to a performance, in which he played against his typical casting, with great sensitivity.” The university’s student magazine, Impact, said Theo’s performance demonstrated, “an expert portrait of middle-class solidity in collapse.”

We hope Theo James will do more theatre on this side of the pond!