Theo James Keeps It Casual In Flannel

It’s no surprise to Theo James’ fans that the British actor loves his flannel.  He seems to have a fairly large collection of the comfortable shirts and let’s face it, he looks great in them!  Does he just like to keep it casual?  Or maybe it’s his Scottish heritage?  (Theo’s mother is Scottish.)  Theo talked to Topman about his style back in March, “Now I go for easy, vintage clothes. My sister used to shop in op shops (thrift shops) all the time so that’s where I get it from. Now I like to have a few key pieces.”  Theo says he prefers to keep things simple, on the advice of an ex-girlfriend, “I was told by an ex-girlfriend that I don’t look good when I’m dressed too smart because it looks try-hard. It doesn’t really suit me to (be) Mr. suited and booted.”  Personally, we think Theo looks great in a suit, but we don’t mind him in his favorite flannels either!