Theo James Is Sentimental About Family, Friends and His Old British Coupe

Who knew that Theo James was such a sentimental guy? The British actor is currently promoting his starring role in “The Divergent Series: Insurgent,” in theatres March 20th. He told Splash that he’s not letting success go to his head, “I still have the same friends and the same family that I did before and I will forever.” Even with the success of his last film, “Divergent,” Theo holds onto his old British Coupe that “kicks out horrendous fumes,” because, he says, “It has sentimental value.”

Theo is fighting being typecast as a teen heartthrob by taking on diverse roles. He’s already completed indie projects like “Franny” starring Richard Gere which will debut at The Tribeca Film Festival in April and “London Fields” with Billy Bob Thornton which is expected out sometime this year. He also just finished filming a role in Jim Sheridan’s “The Secret Scripture” as a Catholic priest.

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