Theo James, Shailene Woodley, and Neil Burger Interview at Apple Store Event in the UK (3/31/14)

During their Divergent Press Tour stop in the UK, Theo, Shailene, and Neil Burger stopped for a very candid interview at the Regent Street Apple Store’s ‘Meet the Filmmakers: Divergent’ Event on Monday, in which they answer many fan questions. Here are the main points discussed during the interview and their start times in ():

  1. Hear Theo utter a couple of words in French and Spanish (1:45)
  2. How difficult it was to cast Four (6:23) and all the qualities Director Neil Burger found in Theo that made him the perfect candidate (7:30)
  3. How Theo compares Four to Paul Newman (8:58)
  4. How Theo was “born ready” to take on all the new “teenage affection” he will now be reeiving (11:28)
  5. How there was a Dauntless initiates boot camp on set which Theo sometimes would run (14:14)
  6. How Theo is a method actor and would stay in character ALL.THE.TIME. (14:40)
  7. How Miles Teller didnt like being ordered around by Theo when he was in character (15:08)
  8. And neither did Shai because Theo made her do 20 pushups (15:13)
  9. How Theo and Shai are getting ready to start shooting Insurgent sometime later this summer (23:52), for which Neil Burger won’t be returning as Director (24:00)
  10. The zip line scene is Shai’s favorite scene from the book that made it into the movie. Originally it had been left out of the script but then put back in (28:06)
  11. It’s Theo’s favorite scene as well and he loves the song that’s playing during it (28:46)
  12. How the kissing scene was the one that took the most effort to film because they wanted to make it extra good, and how it ended up being shot twice (30:54)

Source: Divergents UK