Theo James Is Smoldering in New Hugo Boss Exclusive Photos for Just Jared

THEOlogians it is our lucky day!!  Just Jared exclusively got not 1 picture, not 2 pictures,  but 31 IMAGES OF THEO JAMES!! *faints* * hops up* I’m OK I’m OK

Theo James is smoldering and oozing seduction in these hot new images and behind-the-scenes shots from his campaign with Hugo Boss Fragrances’ “Boss The Scent”.

Theo told what he looks for in a woman.

On qualities he values: “I think self-assurance is an ability to have confidence in your own skin and again, your own sense of identity. Not to be too swayed by other people’s opinion is definitely something that people find attractive.”

On what attracts him: “What attracts me to a woman now is really their sense of self and their personality. I know that sounds like a cheesy, non-thing to say – obviously I am a man so I am attracted to the physical attributes but on a deeper sense it is someone who kind of has found themselves in a way that they perceive themselves according to themselves, rather than having to be affected by other people’s opinion, especially in a time where we kind of live vicariously through the internet and through kind of pictures and postings.”

Theo is so hot… Swoon… What do you think of the new photos? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below