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Theo James in Talks for ‘Backstabbing For Beginners’

Deadline.com released an exclusive earlier today that Theo James is in early talks to  join the cast of Backstabbing For Beginners.  James would be cast as a young idealist who lands the job of project manager for the UN’s Oil for Food Program.  Going into a business post-war Iraq, the character finds that there are conspiracy’s at every turn, especially at the highest levels.  If cast, James would replace Josh Hutcherson, who was to play the role and would star opposite the previously cast Ben Kingsley.

The project is based on Michael Soussan’s Backstabbing For Beginners: My Crash Course In International Diplomacy.

This role would add to an already busy year for Theo.  Not only is he still involved with The Divergent Series: Allegiant and the promotion that will be going along with its release in March, but he also has filming and promotion for Underworld 5, War on Everyone and The Secret Scripture.