Theo James Talks ‘Insurgent’ Changes and How They Will Affect ‘Allegiant’

In a new interview with  Collider which took place during the press junket for the world premiere of Franny at the Tribeca Film Festival, Theo James discussed how the changes that were made to Insurgent the movie (from Insurgent the book) will affect Allegiant Part 1. When asked if Allegiant Part 1 the movie be altered significantly from the book, he stated:

“Not huge [changes], no. I think they were able to consolidate with the third movie and kind of consolidate all the key elements of the book. I think it’s gonna be pretty similar. I think the luxury of this one is that we have time to tell the book over two movies so I think, if anything, it’ll be the material in the book, but then added as well. There will be more stuff because we have more time to tell the story.”

When asked if the introduction of “the box” element onto the film and whether the fact that Tris unlocks it being 100% Divergent changes the value of being Divergent, Theo responded:

“No because the third film is kind of – it’s about genetic superiority, which before it was about – similarly there was a genetic element, but now it’s literally, it’s a hierarchy of people who seem to be genetically pure. So, in a way, in the third movie she’s flipped. She goes from the lowest of the rung to the highest of the rung.”

What do you think guys? Do you think they will keep the escape from Chicago and Bureau scenes intact? Chime in on the comments below.