Theo James Talks Insurgent and his Rapper Name in New Candid Marie Claire UK Interview

A new Theo James interview has been published on the April 2015 issue of Marie Claire UK . He discusses filming intimate scenes with Shailene Woodley on Insurgent, weird fan gifts, his anatomically-incorrect Four doll, odd jobs he’s held in the past, his long full name (and his rapper name!), what he did for his 30th birthday, and his introvert nature.

Check out the full interview transcript below as well as a screenshot of it.

Marie Claire: That’s quite a sex scene you and Shailene Woodley have in Insurgent (the sequel to Divergent)?
Theo James: Filming with Shai is easy — and even more so on this second film, because we’re friends and I could ask her, ‘Does this feel weird?’ I tried to get into it as much as possible, but it’s never hyper-sexy when you’ve got a camera right in  your face.

Marie Claire: You’re a bit of a heart-throb these days…
Theo James: I’ve had some strange notes from fans and a few weird gifts. I can’t tell you what they gave me — you won’t be able to print it.

Marie Claire: You’ve even got your own action figure. Awesome, or freaky?
Theo James: I can’t imagine loads of people buying it. Mine is basically a Ken doll with tattoos. I find it disconcerting because it has no penis.

Marie Claire: You used to work as a lifeguard. Did you save any lives?
Theo James: Yes. There was a little girl in distress and I ran to the pool to save her, Baywatch-style, but I belly-flopped. Everyone was like, ‘Nice work, but you looked like an idiot.’ I’ve had some random jobs. I’m an attempted musician. And I spent one summer collecting NHS equipment from houses where people had passed away.

Marie Claire: Your full name (Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis) is impressive…
Theo James: I’ve got family in New Zealand, Australia, Greece and Glasgow. Nobody calls me by all my names — they’d probably pass out before they finished. My mum uses Theodore to scold me. There’s also T Dog — my rapper name.

Marie Claire: You turned 30 at the end of last year. Chiltern Firehouse?
Theo James: No, I had a surprise party. I went to a bar in London with my brothers, and as we sat there I was thinking, ‘Why didn’t I organize something?’ Then we went back to my place and all my friends were there.

Marie Claire: That’s not very showbiz.
Theo James: I’m a bit introverted, so parties often aren’t my cup of tea. When I get shit-faced I make sure nobody sees! I spent my first acting pay cheque on a clapped-out classic car. I only drove four miles before it broke down, but it looked fucking cool.

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