Theo James Talks Plans to Record New Music in New/Old Interview

In an old interview by Sidewalks TV that took place back in March when the Insurgent cast was doing press to promote the movie, Theo James talked about when he first discovered his love for acting, finishing his philosophy degree as opposed to jumping into acting from the get-go, and what interested him about The Divergent Series and his character Four. Lastly, he discussed his music and his plans to record with a friend this year! Just think we could be hearing some new Theo James music soon. Here’s what he said on the interview (starts at 03:27 on the video above)

Interviewer: “I’m wondering do you get any time to play music and get out so your fans can see you?”

Theo: “Ah yeah, the last year has been difficult to, but I have plans for recording some stuff this year finally with some musicians from England that I’ve been friends with for a long time, so , so hopefully soon.”

If you are not familiar with Theo’s career as a musician, check out this page for more info and the video below for a fun recording session of one of his songs with his old band Shere Khan.