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Theo James ‘The Secret Scripture’is Stuck in Relativity Bankruptcy Limbo

TheWrap has learned that Relativity Media’s bankruptcy has stranded seven completed movies until the completion of a byzantine auction/sale process for Ryan Kavanaugh‘s 11-year-old studio. Relativity hold the U.S. Rights to The Secret Scripture and which is  one of the seven effected. The six-time Oscar-nominated director James Sheridan’s Irish drama The Secret Scripture starring Rooney Mara and Theo James.

The Secret Scripture is the adaptation of Sebastian Barry’s James Tait Black Memorial Prize winning novel. It tells the story of Roseanne, a woman of around one hundred years old who has spent most of her life in a mental hospital. As the institution that has been her home for so long is scheduled to be destroyed, it falls upon Dr. Grene (Eric Bana) to decide if Roseanne is truly mentally ill or a victim of Ireland’s political and religious conflicts. While Roseanne scrounges scraps of paper to write her own version of her life story, Dr. Grene reviews her file and finds that often the truth of a person’s life depends on the teller. Father Gaunt (Theo James) is the local Catholic Priest and he has a devastating effect on the life of Roseanne.

Theo’s role as Father Gaunt is very important to the story and should prove an interesting and challenging role for the British actor.

We really hope The Secret Scripture finds a distributor soon!