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Theo James Wears Full Priest Garb For ‘The Secret Scripture’

Since the announcement that British actor Theo James would play Father Gaunt in the film adaptation of “The Secret Scripture,” many fans wondered what the sexy star of “Divergent” would look like in that role. Well, wonder no more! We’ve had a few glimpses of Theo in the white collar of a Catholic Priest since filming began last month, but today’s set pictures show Theo in full garb. Theo along with co-stars Rooney Mara and Tom Vaughan Lawlor filmed in chilly Inistioge Co Kilkenny which was given a Hollywood makeover for the production.

“The Secret Scripture” is based on the novel by poet and author Sebastian Barry. It tells the story of Rosanne, a woman thought to be 100 years old who has spent the better part of her life in an asylum now slated to be destroyed. The story of her life unfolds as she writes her version on scraps of paper in secret while Dr. Grene reviews her files to determine what to do with a woman who must leave the only home she really knows. It is a sad story told in lyrical language with breathtaking descriptions of Ireland.

Our deepest condolences go out to Mara Rooney who lost her grandmother, Ann Mara on Sunday.