Top Ten Reasons Why Theo James Is More Than Just Eye Candy


Theo has been known to say “I know I often get a job because of how I look. I hope that I keep the job because of how I act”. Though there is no question that Theo is well on his way to becoming a heartthrob, if he isn’t one already, I’d like to think that’s not the only reason why he’s gotten to where he is now.  You see, Theo isn’t new at this acting business. He’s been around for some time now, paying his dues, studying his craft and perfecting it. And while the majority of his fans now just found out of his existence from watching ‘Divergent’ (Which is perfectly OK because you have to start somewhere right?), those that have followed his career either from the start or retroactively, can truly say that he is the complete package. Here are the ten reasons I have to support my claim:

1. His aptitude for accents: From a British bloke, to a Polish immigrant, to a New York cop, Theo has proven himself to be exceptionally good with adopting the accent that best fits the character he’s playing. The following accents are currently listed on his resume: British, Scottish, Southern Irish, American, New York American, and Australian.

2. He is athletic: He scuba dives, plays rugby, basketball, parkour, and boxes like a champ. During an interview, his Divergent co-star Shailene Woodley said of Theo “That dude, he boxes in real life. He’s strong and he’s not afraid to be strong, so if I forgot to duck at the right time, I would have been out cold. That was a terrifying fight scene where my palms were sweating and my adrenaline was spiked the whole time. He’s intense, and we were acting but at the same time it was like ‘Oh wow, this is kinda real right now.”

3. He is musically talented:  Theo was the singer and guitarist of the London-based band Shere Khan. He’s also been a part of a few other bands and plays Harmonica, Piano, and Guitar. He also beat-boxes, a talent he has shared with his fans in multiple interviews.

4. He is an educated man: Theo studied acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England, and has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham. Not many actors nowadays can say that they have a degree, let alone one in Philosophy. He has said in interviews that having this background has helped him put things in perspective when it comes to dealing with fame and all that comes along with it.

5. He’s not afraid to play diverse roles: Theo has played the action hero, the vampire, the sensitive guy, the ladies man, and even the jerk. He has played each of these very convincingly and there’s no doubt in my mind that as Theo’s career grows and more roles are offered to him, his range will grow even more as a result.

6. He is great in interviews: If you’ve ever watched a Theo James interview, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Slightly inappropriate but terribly charming, Theo has a way of working the cameras, and his interviewers. Theo’s interviews are among the most entertaining I’ve ever watched.

7. He is awesome with fans: Always stopping to take pictures with his fans, Theo has taken quite a few fan selfies. Even with his fame as it is now, Theo has kept being down to earth.

8. He can dance: Theo can dance ballet, tap, and jazz. Dancing with the stars anyone?

9. He is a Harry Potter fan: enough said.

10. He has paid his pre-stardom dues: Before his big break, Theo worked random, not so glamorous jobs, including bartending, as a lifeguard, and working for the NHS (which is the agency that cleans up the houses of the recently deceased). Definitely not a sexy job.