Total Film Magazine Features ‘Allegiant’ Interview With Theo James

Total Film Magazine features Allegiant in their February 2016 issue. Included is an interview with the film’s stars including Theo James. Theo talks about how the movies how you see Four’s point of view the in this movie.
“The first two movies are very much told through the context of Tris,” says James, Who was picked for the part on the back of his life-changing turn as Mr. Pamuk in Downton Abbey. “You follow the story through her eyes, whereas in this film we’re slowly diverging from that so you see certain events from both their perspectives, which causes them to butt heads. For example, they clash over Jeff Daniels’ character, David, who she’s kind of wooed by, but Four sees through. And then there’s his mother, who he’s not heard from in 20 years, so he pushes her away. In the end, though, he realises that she’s coming from that place of coldness for reason.”


***The Scans from Total Film Article has spoilers***
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