Total Film Magazine Features ‘Insurgent’ Interview With Theo James and Shailene Woodley

Total Film Magazine features “Insurgent” in their April 2015 issue. Included is an interview with the film’s stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley. Both actors agree that the dynamic has changed this time around. “I guess in the first movie, Shai’s character is almost playing catch-up with Four because he’s in a position of more authority, whereas in this movie they’re both trying to figure it out as they go along,” Theo says. Shailene adds, “Tris was learning a lot in the first movie. She was learning how to fight, how to exist in a world that’s very different from the world she came from. In the second movie, none of those components are involved.”

Their passion about the project is clear, but both stars say it wasn’t as easy as they’d thought to get back into their familiar characters. “The first couple of days we had to readjust and realize you do have to sync yourself back into the character to remind you of who they are, and the world,” according to Theo. “We’ve changed as individuals and in our personal lives, that when you jump back into an old character, you want to bring those new attributes of yourself into that character,” adds Shailene, “and then you realize, ‘Oh wait, those are new attributes of Shai, not Tris!'”

Theo James is a big fan of “Mum” Naomi Watts who plays Evelyn Eaton, “She’s a great actress, isn’t she?” but was not a big fan of summer in Georgia, “I’ll probably look like I’m about to pass out because it was boiling hot!” complains the British native.

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