Tris’ Transformation Featurette Coming January 14th on Yahoo

Bake up some Dauntless cake and Amity bread because this Wednesday, January 14th, there’s reason to celebrate! The first featurette from “Insurgent” is coming! The official Twitter for the Divergent series (@Divergent) announced today that we’ll get an exclusive look at Tris’ transformation. Star Shailene Woodley, as heroine Tris, is shown cutting her long hair in the new still. For anyone who has read the book series, this is a very important scene and if you haven’t, well, you’ll see. The behind the scenes featurette is a Yahoo exclusive and we’ll report more information as it becomes available.

It’s exciting to start seeing more from “Insurgent” as we approach the March 20th release date. Fingers and toes crossed that the next featurette gives us some Theo James as Four! Stay tuned!