Truth Is Coming! First Insurgent Clues Expected Tomorrow From Divergent Series Snapchat

They’ve been teasing us, but the long wait is finally over, Initiates! The official Twitter of the “Divergent” series has been tweeting cryptic messages with the hashtag “#TruthIsComing” for several days and has informed fans to follow them on Snapchat for answers. This afternoon, they sent a message that said, “this message will destruct in 24 hours,” followed by “#TruthIsComing” and “UNLOCK ANSWERS TOMORROW.” The official Snapchat for the Divergent Series is giving us the first clue from “Insurgent” tomorrow, October 28th! It’s unclear if they’ll be releasing stills, footage or more clues leading up to the expected trailer release on November 21st when “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” premieres in theatres. What we do know is we can’t wait to see Theo James and the amazing cast back in action!

Keep your eyes on “DivergentSeries” on Snapchat! They’ve posted again asking fans, “So…what do you think it is?” Snap them your reactions and they’ll post their favorites! Oh, the anticipation!

Follow the official accounts on twitter “@Divergent” and Snapchat “DivergentSeries” to be among the first to know!