Video: Theo James Steals the Show at ‘BOSS The Scent’ Unveiling

According to, Theo James stole the show at BOSS The Scent unveiling last night in Barcelona and shared with us a short video.

Handsome, debonair Theo James, star of the Hollywood movie trilogy the Divergent series, stole the show last night in Barcelona, Spain where the newly-appointed BOSS ambassador was on hand to help the ever-expanding fragrance company launch The Scent. Of course once the audience got a whiff of The Scent, the two shared the billing equally.

BOSS is one of the most aggressive promoters of its brand using big name stars to get the name out there and launch new products. The Barcelona bash included a private dinner party at the Esferic, a modern venue situated on the water’s edge on the city’s coast, which was put on in James’ honor and of course for the new cologne.

James introduced BOSS THE SCENT during the dinner while guests dined on the fine cuisine and eventually got to smell the uniquely captivating, masculine fragrance.

Check out 00:39 which I happen to think it’s Theo, but it’s in no way confirmed. What do you think!?