VIDEO: Theo James Talks Prepping for Divergent and Not Being Typecast in New Interview

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When asked how he mentally prepared for this type of role, Theo said he had to really dissect the mindset to get into it. “The key of the faction system [isn’t] one dimensional people, it’s just five different ways of thinking,” said James. “There are various different people within those factions but they are dedicated to a way of thinking and a certain philosophy. So that was something I had to kind of make sure that felt right to me in my head so that I would buy their world.”

When asked about how he plans on handling the newfound fame, and what direction he wanted his career to go in, Theo felt it is, in ways, a double-edged sword. “I think it’s great to be doing something that could potentially open doors that weren’t open before, but on the other hand I have to make sure that I’m not categorized into one thing.” He continued, “In terms of longevity of an actor you need to make smart choices.”

Watching Theo James in this interview, it’s evident the amount of respect and devotion he has for his craft and it definitely translates onscreen. Check out the interview and Divergent, which is in theaters right now.


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