Video: Theo Talks “Kicking Ass vs Kissing” and Plays “Name That Hair”

In a new/old (at least new to us) interview by ETalk Canada, Theo James was asked about kicking ass in Insurgent and whether he preferred those scenes as opposed to the kissing ones. Let’s just say that his response is one of those epic Theo James ones that makes for a REALLY good Vine videos. The hilarity starts at 1:14 and it goes a little something like this:

Interviewer: “You spend equal times kicking ass and kissing Shailene Woodley….which did you prefer?”

Theo: “I prefer kicking ass and kissing Shai simultaneously. Yeah, there was a scene that was cut out of the movie. It was called ‘Welcome to my mouth’. Yeah it was a great scene, but they thought it was a little too hardcore ’cause this is a PG-13 movie”

Interviewer: “Right. Will it be on the DVD extras?”

Theo: “Yes. Just put it this way. It was me, Shai and umm, three other people. And things were going inside of things. Let’s just put it that way.”

He also plays a game of “Name That Hair” which Theo fails miserably. Oh Theo. You crack us up!