Video: Veronica Roth Talks Four and Theo James + “Four: A Divergent Collection” Teaser Quote #8


Popsugar released today an exclusive look at yet another quote from Four: A Divergent Collection (from the story The Son) and along with that an interview with author Veronica Roth in which she dishes about Four and the author that plays him, the one and only Theo James. Watch the video below:

The Divergent universe is about to expand, and we’re not even talking about the currently filming sequel, Insurgent. Divergent author Veronica Roth is releasing her next book in the series, and it’s not the sequel after Allegiant, but a new view of the world through the eyes of the character Four, named after him. As she told us in our interview with her, Roth chose to write about the Dauntless member so she could write a prequel, and she explains why she chose the character in this exclusive video. The other perk of watching? Lots and lots of footage of the man who plays the character in the movies: Theo James. Check out the video and also our exclusive quote from Four below, which comes out July 8!