#VoteAllegiant for your Favorite Collector’s Edition Deleted Scene and WIN!

Our input is being requested to vote on a deleted scene that will be included in The #Allegiant Collector’s Edition which comes out October 6th! Voting also enters you for a chance to win a complete set of Divergent Series Collector’s Editions, signed by Veronica Roth herself!

Here are the deleted scenes to choose from: 

#1 – Evelyn’s Vote 

In this deleted scene from ALLEGIANT, Evelyn hosts an election to determine whether the people of the city will venture beyond the fence. Tobias learns just how devious his mother is and takes measures to gather support against her. 

#2 – Strike First, Strike Hard 
In this deleted scene from ALLEGIANT, Tris encounters Peter in a vulnerable moment in their old initiate dormitory. 

#3 – Beyond the Serum: Candor Truth Telling 
In this variation of Chapter 18 from INSURGENT, Jack Kang leads the Candor and Dauntless in a truth-telling ritual to piece together what happened during the attack by the Dauntless traitors.

Go HERE to vote for your favorite scene. Additionally you can pre-order the Allegiant Collector’s Edition HERE. Good luck Initiates!